Some months ago we were researching specifics about the commercial real estate market for a client who does very specialized consulting in that arena. Before diving deep into analytics, competitive sites, and blogs. I checked the LinkedIn profiles of the principals to be sure I had the correct facts about their past experience. I was surprised when I could not locate a profile on one of owners. This is a gentleman who had run one of the largest and most prestigious commercial real estate brokerages in the country.

I sent an email asking if it was possible that he was not on LinkedIn. Indeed, he was not. The next week when we met, his partner and I nearly bolted the door until we got his profile up and trained him in the basics. He clearly had not seen the value in being on LinkedIn, or he would have had a profile long ago. His reasons were that he was not comfortable with how LinkedIn worked, and he didn’t feel that C-level executives used it. Less than two weeks later he was evangelizing the benefits of LinkedIn. A C-level former colleague wanted to reach him about a project, and asked his assistant to track him down. Where did the assistant go? LinkedIn. He got the call, they met, and he got the deal. What if she wasn’t able to find him?