If you want good content – online content that will bend and grow your mind, mosey over to TED.com. If you haven’t listened to a TED talk before, I think you’ll thank me. If you have, you already know what an incredible resource this non-profit committed to “ideas worth spreading” is. Being able to watch and listen to talks by some of the most amazing people of our time makes TED one of the best tools for lifelong learning.

But, despite all modern technologies connecting us at the click of a button, there is still no replacing the in-person human experience of connecting with other people. TEDx was born from the understanding that by empowering independently organized groups of people in their own communities to organize TED-like events, human connections would be made, great ideas would be shared, and maybe – just maybe – communities would be more innovative as a result. TEDx events are created by volunteers who are passionate about sharing, learning and coming together to make good things happen. So, what’s the trouble?

It’s a new concept, unlike any other conference. You can’t compare it to anything you’ve been to before. You have to submit yourself to being fully present. To listening, learning and interacting. That means taking time away from your usual day. It means turning off the phone. That’s the trouble. It’s so unlike anything you have ever done that you might be inclined to dismiss it and miss an incredible experience. Don’t! Take time-out for TEDx. For me, its TEDxOrangeCoast on May 19th. If you are nearby, hope to see you there. If not, seek out TEDx in your own community. Just like the tip about TED.com, I think you’ll thank me!