We have a couple of 20-something year-olds under our roof at the moment, which is why I took note recently of an article titled “20 Things 20 Year-Olds Don’t Get.” It’s written by Jason Nazar, founder of Docstoc for Forbes. He laments that he is long past his moment of being featured as a bright “20 Under 20” on a magazine cover, which makes him a credible advisor to the millennial generation.


In my opinion, he is spot on with one point – “Social Media is Not a Career”. The only exception I take to his advice is that it applies to everyone in marketing and communications today, not just the over-publicized Millennials. There is a plethora of self-proclaimed middle-aged social media gurus who would do well to listen to what Nazar has to say.


“Those job titles won’t exist in five years. Social media is simply a function of marketing; it helps support branding, ROI or both. Social media is a means to get more awareness, more users or more revenue. It’s not an end in itself. I’d strongly caution against pegging your career trajectory solely to a social media job title,” advises Nazar.


You can read more of Nazar’s wisdom here.