There was a small part of me that felt like a traitor when I changed my newspaper subscription from driveway delivery to an electronic version on my Kindle. I now download the majority of the books I read too. Seven years ago I would have been appalled at the thought, telling you that nothing would replace holding a book or magazine. I am a former décor magazine editor who knows the value of beautiful photos on glossy paper. I still love the smell of fresh ink on paper. The fact is that how and where I read information has changed¾dramatically. Not to mention that some of the most informative sources I read regularly are blogs only available online. Sites like Mashable are a source of invaluable updates and trends, and I cannot afford not to read them.

I hear many laments that print is dead. It’s not. There is less of it and to be sure there is likely to be much less in the future. But what does it matter? We will always want to hold National Geographic in our hands and collect them in stacks on the coffee table. What will be different is where we go to read and research the trip the magazine inspired us to take. What really matters is knowing where your audience needs and wants to get its information and making sure that you are in those formats. I may start my day reviewing the feeds in my Google reader, but I’ll still grab a copy of Vanity Fair to read on the plane. Where do you want to reach me? Do you know how best to get your message there so I can find it?