A friend, Dr. Andrew Strenk, was amused about how Facebook could know so much about his past. Seems Facebook suggested that he might want to “Like” the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation. How he wondered did Facebook know that he had spent many nights in the living room of this particular sorority providing academic counseling over thirty years ago. How in the world would Facebook link a male former Olympic swimmer, now a statistical analyst, to a women’s sorority? What in the content of his profile would have made this happen.

As a Ph.d candidate, Andy worked in the academic counseling office at the university he was attending. Being no fool, he would set up shop during registration season at the sorority houses where he offered one-stop help in class selection. He also got to know many young women. He has always been very smart, especially about things like girls.

Andy has not visited a sorority house in over three decades. How he wondered could it come up now? He need not worry. It’s not about him, it’s about his Facebook friends. More than a few areĀ  alumni of the sorority who support the Foundation and Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) via its Facebook page. Facebook figures he might want join too. Fortunately he doesn’t have a jealous wife.