I attended a wonderful conference this week designed to help church leaders communicate in the contemporary communications marketplace. I ended up at The Cultivate Conference a bit by accident (well, obviously not really an accident, but by some heavenly symphonic collaboration I am sure). I am passionate about Skip1.org, and I was there to assist Shelene Bryan, with the visual content of her presentation.. Once I settled in I realized I was right where I was supposed to be that morning — in the presence of very creative, inspired people who were collaborating on how to best convey content. They talked about “how to tell the story” of their brand. In this case, their churches and ministries. Talk about passion. They shared a mission – literally. They know that getting their content online in the right way can make a deep impact on other people’s lives. Rather than competing as “social media gurus”, they were there to share, learn and try on ideas for successfully conveying meaningful content. No one was promising SEO miracles or trying to impress other with their social media prowess. It was refreshing and I am sure the result will be that each attendee’s organization will do a better job reaching people online. Some of the self-appointed social media gurus I encounter could learn a great deal about how these folks collaborate with a humble heart.

–Eileen Paulin