When print magazines were in their heyday, there was a magazine for everything — even a magazine for the magazine trade – Folio. To its credit, Folio is still in print. An article in a recent issue declared that 2011 is the year of The Content Marketing Revolution. I think there is an extra “R” in that headline, and its a letter that makes a big difference in the meaning. Publishing professionals who have been in the business long enough to have developed expertise,  would suggest that its been an Evolution rather than an Revolution. And there is a big difference.


Content has always been important. It’s nothing new that companies recognize that communicating useful, educational, and pertinent content can play a significant part in a successful marketing plan. What has changed are the platforms and how the content is delivered. Professionals know that good content requires research, fact checking, analyzing the intended audience and understanding what they need. What makes a good content producer in today’s market is the one who understands all delivery platforms, whether web-based, app friendly or traditional print. They know how search engines work and how an audience seeks content, and can deliver content in a variety of platforms that serves the right audience.  And we got here not by a Revolution, but by Evolution.