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The Online Trust-o-Meter

You are a seasoned professional and you’ve worked hard to establish yourself as a credible, reliable expert in your field. Does your online presence reflect your position as a trusted advisor to clients and customers? When someone types your name into a search engine, where do you  place on the Trust-o-Meter? Do you come across as someone who knows what they are doing online? Do a quick rundown of these basics that affect your trust rating:

  • How do you show up in a simple search? Are there at least five accurate citations for you on the first page? Or, are you lumped in with eight other people with your same name? (There are seven other people named Steve Bruce on LinkedIn?)
  • Is your LinkedIn profile up to date and complete? Is your photo professional? Have you claimed your personal url? Is your bio optimized for SEO? Is everything customized? Does your profile still link to “My website” or “Company website” rather than to your url? Have you added industry specific applications to your LinkedIn profile? Are you utilizing applications that create regular touch points with your contacts such as Reading List?
  • Do you have a personal website? If so, when was the last time it was updated? Is the copyright notice in the current year? Is it mobile friendly?
  • Are you sharing your expertise and authority in a blog? Are you maintaining it regularly, or is it an abandoned shell of good intentions?
  • Have you claimed yourself and your business in directories, especially those specific to your marketplace?
  • Is your content accurate and grammatically correct? Typos and bad grammar are trust killers. This week’s Online Content Producers favorite from a large real estate company’s Facebook page: “Are you planning on attending any Open Houses this weekend? If so, where are they at?” Really, teen speak with a preposition on the end of the sentence? Sigh.
  • If you have a business Facebook page, YouTube channel, and/or Twitter account, are they skinned with graphics that support your personal brand? Is everything tagged and optimized for search? Is the content being updated regularly? Old content screams that you really don’t care enough to stay current, another trust buster.

These are just some of the basics that affect online credibility. We specialize in doing a deeper dive to assure that you and your brand are building trusting relationships online. It’s what we do and we love it.  We are here to help if you feel that your Trust-o-Meter reading is a little low.

Stately Tweets?

P.J. Crowley, spokesperson for the United States State Department seems to have decided its sweet to Tweet. Who is he speaking for? According to an Associated Press article picked up by The Orange County Register, Crowley “posted sharp responses to WikiLeaks, and promoted the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to Chicago by comparing it to the NFC championship playoff game between Chicago and the Green Bay Packers.” Is this Crowley’s attempt to humanize the State Department, or a platform for him to express personal opinion? It’s fuzzy and dangerous territory. It’s a challenge public servants face. He’s not Ashton Kutcher, and his stakes are the State Department.

Content can kill you if the platform and reasons for being on it are not clearly defined.

Tweet Chats Aren’t Just for Kids

Peter Shankman‘s HARO is a great service that brings together members of the media looking for good sources and the folks at companies and businesses with stories to tell. I monitor HARO on behalf of several clients. One day last fall, I spotted an inquiry asking about parent’s college search stories. Having a high school senior and having endured two lengthy trips visiting over 20 schools, I sent a reply. Kelly Queijo from answered, which doesn’t often happen with HARO. She has stayed in touch, and checked back last week to see where our daughter decided to attend college. That reply led to being invited to participate in a Twitter Chat tonight with other parents, college admission professionals, private admissions coaches and the founder of

We just wrapped up an hour long chat which I thoroughly enjoyed. Stop and think for a minute about how it came to take place. An entrepreneur sought to connect with sources through HARO. The HARO alert went out. I read and answered. She stayed in touch via email and nurtured a relationship. When she asked me to take part in the chat (#campuschat), I was intrigued and happily gave an hour of my time. I have not met any of the other participants in person. In fact I live on another coast. But we connected, and shared. And without social media it never would have happened.

Yes, we talked about our kids. There was pride mixed with commiserating, and hopefully we gave some good advice. As parents we’ve invaded Facebook, now we are claiming Twitter! But seriously, Kelly Queijo now has advocates for her brand and the services she provides. It would not have happened without the content she offers and the platforms we utilized to connect on.