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TEDxOrangeCoast – Content Lessons Learned

There is a strong sense of altruism that emanates from TED and TEDx. The TEDxOrangeCoast team joined a global community of volunteers committed to bringing great ideas to the local communities in which we live. Hopefully each team member is a better person and professional because of the experience.


We each learned new things. In the case of Online Content Producers, TEDxOrangeCoast was a real-time workout in pushing out important content to a new audience. We misjudged the local community in regards to awareness of TEDx. Being longtime aficionados, we assumed more people in Orange County were too. In the end TEDxOrangeCoast was a great success, but we were worried there for awhile. Each member of the team had some teachable moments. Here are mine:

1. Always, always, research your market.

No matter how great you think your product or idea is, there is never a reason big enough NOT to do your audience research. The more Kool Aid you have drunk, the more reason to research your market.

2. The right media mix still includes print.

By misjudging brand awareness we discounted print, and realized too late that much of our audience had to be reached through business journals and print newspapers.

3. There must be a Chief Content Officer directing content.

A Content Strategy Plan and Editorial Calendar is mandatory. A detailed plan spelled out content topics, dates, publication platform, keywords, tags, etc., and allowed the marketing team at Brandtailers to utilize the content to its optimal value. The content was the message, and taking the time to plan a strategy for delivering that message is essential.


The TEDxOrangeCoast team has scattered for the summer as we each dive back into our businesses. In the meantime, the content lives on. I hope you will take some time to watch the talks and enjoy the “great ideas worth spreading”.


Is Family Good Content?

Owning a company that has been in business for more than a generation is an accomplishment, and should be a source of pride. But that doesn’t mean is belongs on your home page. Online Content Producers and Brandtailers recently had the opportunity to speak to the Family Business Council at the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at Cal State Fullerton. The attendees represented a variety of B2B and B2C companies including Kellogg Garden Supply, Fairmont Private Schools, and Principal Technical Services. Our mission was to teach the group about digital marketing – that is as much of the behemoth topic as you can squeeze into 90 minutes.

In reviewing the websites of the member companies, many of the home pages featured the history of the company and photos of its founders. While it can be argued that being a long-standing,  family-owned business is a competitive edge, it is not why the customer is seeking you out online. Keywords tied to the brand and what your company’s products or services unique from the competition should take precedent over the company history. Be sure your site has the right content to pull up well in search. Once you have attention you can tell your story. Have you reviewed the content on your website lately? Times have changed, search has made sure of that.