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Bold Move at AOL?

AOL is in the process of acquiring the Huffington Post, which could create a major shift in making AOL relevant again. How many years ago did you flee from AOL as a daily user? What started out as the email platform of choice, went the way of AT&T at an iPhone party. “Grumble, grumble…I can’t receive files, my email goes wonky…Blah, blah.” The masses fled the little yellow running man and the cheery “You’ve Got Mail”, as we headed to providers with more panache and our business needs grew. We took our eyeballs with us, and killed the value of the AOL Home page as a content provider.

The move to join forces with the Huffington Post, which has done an excellent job of creating notable content while managing to get away with some biases (The masses complain about Fox News, while Huffington rarely takes hits). This could be a strategic move that puts AOL back in the game of being where the “in” folks go for news. We’ll see, interesting marriage. Let’s hope it lasts.

Take No Prisoners

When building an online marketing database, best practices dictate that anyone added to your list must “opt in”. They give their permission to receive communication from you. If you are marketing ethically, in return you oblige by providing valuable, useful information. But once they’re in, be sure they know how to get out. Circumstances change, needs and markets change. You need to respect that someone may not want to hear from you any longer.

If a contact asks to opt out – for any reason, respect the request. Let them out. In the long run, it earns respect – and you can’t buy that anywhere.