Having been a word junkie from and early age, I wanted a career in journalism and communications as far back as I can remember. As editor of the campus magazine at USC, I got my first taste of analyzing an audience and delivering compelling content. I arrived at my office, one day to find “I Are the Editor” scrawled on the wall above my desk. (The culprit became a humor columnist.) It became a running joke. I think of it every time I see a typo. And it seems like I have been seeing lots of them recently.

    One of our clients handed me a press kit to review last week. A three page document had more than 12 typos in it. The article is used to recruit new people to the company. Ouch!

    I find typos almost daily when I am online. In online content, a typo lives on forever. Despite the fact that we are all becoming more casual about language (I cringe when I hear “where are you at”), accuracy still matters. There is always someone who is going to judge you by your failure to carefully edit the content you publish online. Be careful, slow down long enough to get it right.

    By the way, I know I am a language snob – just ask my kids – but it is “Where are you?” Period, end of sentence.